On the Marietas Islands, a variety of seabird species can be found. Some of the bird species that inhabit or visit these islands include:

Blue-footed Booby: One of the most iconic species of the Marietas Islands, known for its bright blue plumage and its ability to perform impressive dives in search of fish.

Magnificent Frigatebird: With its distinctive inflatable gular sac and elegant flight, these birds are a breathtaking sight as they glide over the islands in search of food.

Franklin’s Gull: These gulls can be seen on the beaches and cliffs of the Marietas Islands. They are known for their distinctive calls and their habit of searching for food both in the water and on land.

Royal Tern: With its graceful flight and fishing skills, royal terns are common on the Marietas Islands. They can be observed diving into the water to catch fish.

Brown Booby: With its brown plumage and impressive wingspan, brown boobies are magnificent birds often seen flying near the islands.

Red-billed Tropicbird: These seabirds have a long, forked tail, which gives them their name. They feed on fish caught at the water’s surface.

Heermann’s Gull: These gulls are characterized by having only three toes on each foot. They are seabirds that can be found near the shores of the Marietas Islands.

These are just a few of the many bird species you can encounter on the Marietas Islands. The area is important for wildlife conservation and is a popular destination for bird and nature enthusiasts.”

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